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Vs. Toronto 5-4 OT Loss, October 22, 2011

The Montreal Canadiens are still looking for their first home win of the season after losing 6-5 to the Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday night. The Habs powerplay produced another goose egg, while the PK unit gave up 2 goals against.


Seven Canadiens had overall risk/reward ratings higher than their season average, while only one produced a rating in the negative. 

Andrei Kostitsyn had the top overall risk/reward in the game. Number 46 produced some strong special team minutes. Other players with overall risk/reward ratings above 1.50 include Travis Moen and Raphael Diaz.

Andreas Engqvist had the lowest overall risk/reward. Number 63 also had the distinction of being the only player with an overall risk/reward rating in the negative; a negative risk/reward rating indicates that a player made more failed attempts at plays such as passes and puck-battles than successful attempts. Other players with low overall risk/reward ratings include Mathieu Darche, Erik Cole and Brian Gionta.


Eight Habs had overall grades above their season average. Andrei Kostitsyn had the top overall grade, followed closely by Travis Moen.  Mike Cammalleri and Rapael Diaz were the only other players with overall grades above 70.

Engqvist's overall grade of 40 was one of the lowest grades of the season. Other players with overall grades below 60 include Gionta, Darche, Palushaj and Cole.


Nine players had EVEN-STRENGTH risk/reward ratings above their season average, while 2 players had even-strength risk/reward ratings in the negative.

Max Pacioretty had the top EVEN-STRENGTH risk/reward rating. Number 67 would have produced the top overall rating if not for some poor play on the powerplay. Pacioretty's grade was buoyed by his work in the defensive-zone. Other players with high even-strength risk/reward ratings include Diaz, Gorges and Cammalleri. Diaz and Gorges produced their best numbers in the defensive-zone, while Cammalleri's rating was the product of his work in the offensive-zone.

Mathieu Darche and Andreas Engqvist had even-strength risk/reward ratings in the negative. Surprising results, since both players are usually among the team leaders at even-strength. Their low grades came from substantial struggles in the offensive-zone.


Events per minute are not included in this article, despite the indication in the chart titles. I'm going to use the information for events-per-minute differently in upcoming articles.

Seven players had EVEN-STRENGTH offensive-zone risk/reward ratings above their season average. Four other players had o-zone risk/rewards in the negative.

Andrei Kostitsyn had the top even-strength offensive-zone risk/reward rating; slightly ahead of Lars Eller. Kostitsyn had 2 shots on net, while winning 2 of 3 o-zone puck-battles. He was also able to recoup 7 loose pucks. Eller won only 1 of 4 o-zone puck-battles, but completed 6 of 9 o-zone passes, while also beating opposing players 1on1 (deaks) 3 times.

Engqvist had the lowest o-zone risk/reward. Other players with o-zone risk/reward ratings in the negative include Darche, Cole and Desharnais. Engqvist was unable to complete either of his pass-attempts, while Darche lost both his o-zone puck-battles. Cole lost 2 o-zone puck-battles, while failing to beat opposing players 1on1 (deak) 4 times.  Desharnais lost 3 of 4 loose-puck races and was unsuccessful with 2 of his 3 pass-attempts.


Only 6 Habs had EVEN-STRENGTH defensive-zone risk/reward ratings above their season average. Five of those six players were forwards. Four players had d-zone risk/reward ratings in the negative.

Raphael Diaz had the top defensive-zone risk/reward rating, followed by PK Subban and Josh Gorges. Diaz completed 12 of 19 d-zone pass-attempts, while blocking 2 passes and 2 shots. Subban completed 13 of 17 d-zone passes, but lost 4 of 6 d-zone puck-battles. Gorges completed 11 of 14 d-zone passes, while winning 6 of 7 puck-battles. Number 26's rating would have been higher, if not for his failure to block 4 passes.

Aaron Palushaj had the lowest even-strength defensive-zone risk/reward. Other players with d-zone ratings in the negative include Engqvist, Gionta and Plekanec. Engqvist lost his only d-zone puck-battle and completed only 50% of his d-zone passes. Gionta completed only 1 of 4 d-zone passes, while the usually solid Plekanec competed only 1 of 5 d-zone passes.


Nine players had EVEN-STRENGTH neutral-zone risk/rewards above their season averages. No player had a neutral-zone risk/reward in the negative.

David Desharnais had the top ES neutral-zone risk/reward rating, followed by Aaron Palushaj. Desharnais won 4 n-zone puck-battles and completed 4 of 6 n-zone passes. Palushaj played limited minutes, but still managed 3 successful dump-ins.

Alexei Emelin had the lowest even-strength neutral-zone risk/reward rating, followed by Max Pacioretty. Emelin had only 3 n-zone events, while Pacioretty missed 2 n-zone passes, and failed to successfully dump the puck deep into the offensive-zone twice.


Seven players had short-handed risk/reward ratings above their season average, while 2 players had SH ratings in the negative.

Andrei Kostitsyn had the top SH risk/reward rating but played only 8 seconds. Players with substantial short handed minutes and high risk/reward ratings include Moen and Eller. Players with substantial minutes and low SH ratings include Desharnais and Engqvist.

Subban and Weber won the most short-handed defensive-zone puck-battles (3), while Subban and Gill had the most SH dump-outs; six and three respectively.  


Seven players had POWERPLAY risk/reward ratings above their season average, while 1 players had a powerplay risk/reward rating in the negative.

Gorges had the top PP rating, but played limited minutes. Among players with substantial ice-time Diaz, Weber, Kostitsyn and Plekanec had the best PP risk/reward ratings. Diaz competed all 6 of his PP passes, while Weber completed 4 of 5. Plekanec completed 9 of 10 PP passes, while Kostitsyn had more powerplay events in the neutral-zone than in the offensive-zone.

Max Pacioretty had a powerplay risk/reward rating in the negative. Quite surprising since number 67's average PP rating is among the highest. Pacioretty completed only 2 of 5 PP passes, missed 1 powerplay pass, and failed to hit the net with his only shot opportunity.  Other players with powerplay risk/reward ratings well below their season average include Subban, Desharnais and Eller.

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