Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 WJHC: One game scouting report for Jarred Tinordi

Jarred Tinordi scored an unlikely goal, as the United States beat Denmark 11-3 Monday night. He finished the game with a plus-3 traditional plus/minus rating, with 1 shot on net. He earned an overall grade of 76 to go along with an overall risk/reward rating of 1.93.


Tinordi had an offensive-zone risk/reward rating of 0.84, and an offensive-zone ratio of 3.14. Expressed differently, this shows that Tinordi made 3.14 successful plays in the o-zone for every 1 mistake or lost puck-battle. He completed 10 of 13 offensive-zone pass-attempts, while recouping 7 loose-pucks. He also blocked 3 offensive-zone passes from opposition players, but was only able to get 2 of his 5 shot attempts through to the net.


Tinordi had a defensive-zone risk/reward rating of 0.28. Incredibly enough, his o-zone rating was higher than his d-zone rating. He earned a defensive-zone ratio of 1.45, as he made 1.45 successful plays in the defensive-zone for every 1 mistake or lost puck-battle. He completed 8 of 12 d-zone pass-attempts, while winning only 2 of 5 d-zone puck-battles. He also recovered 4 loose-pucks.


Tinordi had a neutral-zone risk/reward rating of 0.63, with a neutral-zone ratio of  4.67. He lost his only neutral-zone puck-battle, while completing 4 of 5 neutral-zone pass-attempts. He blocked 2 neutral-zone passes by the opposition and recovered 2 loose-pucks.

Tinordi's play in the game is not reflected well in his risk/reward ratings. He managed only 1.38 events per minute-played due to the weakness of the opposition. The US carried most of the play in the offensive-zone, so there were few opportunities, and little necessity for Tinordi to be involved in the play.

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