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Monday, April 9, 2012


All links included contain final statistics for the 2011-12 regular season.

Total events counted: 87,452
Total time spent watching Habs games: 404 hours


Percentage of events by zone 

Impact of save-percentage on wins and losses

Impact of offensive-zone loose-puck recoveries on wins and losses

Impact of offensive-zone passing on wins and losses

Impact on powerplays for and against on wins and losses

Impact of special team results on wins and losses

 Players Overall Statistics

Player possession-ratings by zone

Overall grades

Overall risk/reward ratings

Players Even-strength Statistics

Each player's true shooting percentage (based on attempted shots)

Individual player's offensive-zone tendencies (Who shoots? Who passes? Who dekes)

Individual player's neutral-zone tendencies (Who passes? Who dekes? Who dumps the puck in?)

Individual player's defensive-zone tendencies (Who passes? Who dekes? Who dumps the puck out?)

Even-strength risk/reward ratings

Impact of quality of competition on even-strength risk/reward ratings 

Even-strength ratios

Total successful offensive-zone plays (with possession) per-minute played

Successful offensive-zone passes, dekes and shots per-minute played

Even-strength offensive-zone risk/reward ratings

Even-strength defensive-zone risk/reward ratings

Even-strength neutral-zone risk/reward ratings

Even-strength offensive-zone ratios

Even-strngth defensive-zone ratios

Most successful forecheckers

Players Powerplay Statistics

Individual player's powerplay tendencies (Who shoots? Who dekes? Who passes?)

Each player's true powerplay shooting percentage (based on attempted shots)

Powerplay ratings and ratios

Players Short-handed Statistics

Quantifying each player's short-handed contribution

Short-handed ratings and ratios

Players Statistics when in possession of the puck

Puck-possession success-rates 

Player giveaway percentages  

Passing-percentages (by zone)

Success-rates with possession in the neutral-zone

Success-rates with possession in the offensive-zone 

Success-rates defending in the defensive-zone

Possession-ratings by zone

Players Statistics when attempting to remove or acquire puck-possession


Loose-puck recovery totals (by zone)

Puck-battle winning percentages (by zone)

Success-rates defending in the neutral-zone 

Success-rates when attempting to create turnovers in the offensive-zone 

Player involvement in play

Player events per-zone

Player events per-minute played. 

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