Thursday, March 8, 2012

Habs: Individual Player Events by Zone

Boucher Scouting breaks down (among other things) individual player's events by zone. The graph below is a visual representation of the percentage of each Montreal Canadiens player's total EVEN-STRENGTH events that occur within each zone. The higher the percentage of events in each zone, the more a player is involved in that zone, and by extension, the more impact that player's play has on the team's overall play within that zone.

Players were separated by position to create better comparables. For example, comparing a defenseman's percentage of plays by zone to a winger would not work, as a winger is logically required to engage in fewer defensive-zone events.


Among current Montreal Canadiens defensemen, Chris Campoli engages in the highest percentage of defensive-zone events, as well as the lowest percentage of offensive-zone events. This argues against the perception of Campoli as a chance-taker, while raising a red flag toward Campoli's ability to easily move the puck out of the defensive-zone.Other defensemen with a high percentage of defensive-zone events include Gorges and Subban. Keep in mind, Gorges and Subban play almost exclusively against the opposition's top players.

Tomas Kaberle, the Habs co-leader for even-strength points among defenseman, engages in the highest percentage of offensive-zone events. Other d-men with high o-zone percentages include Yannick Weber and Raphael Diaz. Consequently these three players also engage in the fewest percentage of d-zone events among d-men.

Among centres, Habs leading even-strength point-producer David Desharnais engages in the highest percentage of offensive-zone events. Petteri Nokelainen engages in the lowest percentage of o-zone events.

Among wingers, Aaron Palushaj actually engages in the highest percentage of offensive-zone events. Other current wingers engaging in a high percentage of offensive-zone events include Rene Bourque, Max Pacioretty, and Erik Cole.

Keep in mind that a higher percentage of events within a specific zone does not indicate success or failure within that zone. This is simply a representation of the percentage of events in each zone. Expressed differently, this is simply an expression of how much of a player's time on the ice is spent in each zone.

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