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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Halpern should be signed

Jeff Halpern is 37 years-old. Jeff Halpern scored only 1 goal and added only 1 assist in 16 games with the Montreal Canadiens last season, and had a traditional plus/minus rating of minus-3.

Also, let me mention, that everything I just mentioned is all crap.

Jeff Halpern's return to the Montreal Canadiens for the 2013-14 season should be a no-brainer.

Halpern won 55.6%  of the faceoffs he took last season. Among regular centres, only Ryan White had a comparable success-rate at 54.5%. Tomas Plekanec won 50.6% of his draws, while Desharnais won an even 50%.

Halpern had the best defensive-zone risk/reward rating last season. He also had the top defensive-zone ratio, as he contributed 3.85 successful plays in the defensive-zone for every 1 unsuccessful play. Halpern was directly responsible for more scoring chances against than any other centre, but started over 50% of his shifts in the defensive-zone; among Montreal centremen, White was the only other centre to average over 40% of his starts in the defensive-zone, while Plekanec, Desharnais and Eller were all below the 33% mark.

Halpern was successful with 82.5% of his attempts to remove puck-possession from the opposition in the defensive-zone; no other Montreal centre had a success-rate above 79%. Halpern gave the puck away only 26% of the time he had possession in the defensive-zone.The average among Habs centres was 31%.

  • Halpern averaged 5.4 defensive-zone takeaways for every 1 defensive-zone giveaway; tops among all Montreal players
  • Halpern produced the best defensive-zone defensive-touch success-rate among Habs centres
  • Halpern produced the best defensive-zone offensive-touch success-rate among Habs centres
  • Halpern had the fewest offensive-touches per-minute played, but drew the most obstruction penalties against per-minute of ice-time
  • Halpern won the second-most puck-battles among Habs centres, but took the second-fewest obstruction-penalties against.

Yes, an argument can be made for giving other players a chance at the fourth-line centre's job. Signing Halpern doesn't take that chance away, it simply gives the Habs an above-average insurance policy.


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  1. Completely agree even before seeing all these numbers. I just don't get it